Mike Odum Art


About Mike

Mike Odum grew up in Roanoke, Virginia where he began cutting his artistic teeth on chalkboards and the edges of notebook paper. Throughout his elementary and middle school years teachers became increasingly concerned for Mike's future, telling his parents that "Drawings of robots and gun-wielding characters is strange behavior, and will likely get him arrested one day." Luckily this never happened and Mike was able to stumble his way through high school with only sketchbooks and drawing tools.

Not long after graduation, Mike decided to attend Virginia Western Community College instead of joining the circus as a caricature artist. After two bootcamp style years studying graphic design at VWCC and freelancing, Mike turned his ambitions towards the big, little city, Richmond, Virginia where he enrolled in VCU's Communication Arts Department. Comm Arts proved to be Mike's home planet at last. There he studied comics, concept art, and illustration. The combination of all these studies and his unique skill set eventually lead Mike to SRRN Games where he produced mobile games and applications and worked with prestigious publishers such as South Peak Interactive, Chillingo, Konami, and Sony.

Today Mike is starting his own game company with other partners from SRRN and is back to his freelance roots doing illustration, design, and comics. His bright future ahead, Mike is ready to work and form new business partnerships, having recently been quoted as saying "Without a doubt, if you are paying for art, you should give me your money."